The Complete Web Scraping Course with Projects 2019

Become a Professional Web Scraper | Learn how to scrape websites and obtain useful data by using Selenium and NodeJS

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Course Curriculum

  What we are gonna do?
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  Exercise Files | Source Codes
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  Building blocks and setting up the environment
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  Project (Google Translate 2018) GT2K18
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  Project (Google Translate 2019) GT2K19
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  Project | Scraping Travel Insurance Website
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Web scraping is the Data Science technique of gathering or storing useful and public information from websites in a suitable format like spreadsheets that can be used later for any purpose. It basically removes the burden of copying the data manually, instead it provides an automated way to do it.

The data extraction is done from websites using some sort of a code written called “scraper” which takes the a Web URL, parses the HTML DOM of that site and then return the result which we can save in some format say CSV for future use. The data that we parse can be in form of texts, images, package names and their corresponding prices, videos and contact information like email, name, phone numbers and so on.

This course is built in NODEJS that is light weight, efficient, and scale-able due to its non-blocking I/O and event driven. The main advantage of node is that its asynchronous in nature which means that you don’t have to wait for a request to complete before making another one which in turn provides a very high performance. This course is made in so much easy way so that one who doesn’t have any knowledge of NODEJS can easily understand and hence build own scraper in NODEJS.

We are using Selenium which is automation testing tool that provides various elements and methods to interact with HTML DOM in order to parse the website.

This course is divided into 3 parts

  • Setting up the environment
  • Building Blocks and Syntax
  • Projects

In the Project Section course will cover 3 Projects

  1. Google Translate 2018 Project
  2. Google Translate 2019 Project
  3. Travel Insurance Website Project


  • Reading Data from CSV File
  • How to Save scraped Data into New CSV file
  • How to apply Validations

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Note :

  • Basic HTML Knowledge required.
  • Basic Programming Knowledge required.
  • No Knowledge of NodeJS required.

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