Learning PHP Data Objects PDO

PDO: The Powerful and secure way to access database. Learn how to Shift from MYSql & MySQLi syntax to PHP data objects.

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While working with PHP you have a choice to adopt any supported database. You can pick MySQL, ODBC SQLite , ODBC, IBM DB2, FireBird, PostgreSQL, 4D, CUBRID, ORACLE Database, SQL Server, Informix. And if you choose Mysql , your php application will only work with the selected database. But somehow if you have to move to some other database e.g. Sqlite then of-course you have to go through every line of your application to make it compatible with SQLite. And that’s a bit difficult.. Right? 

So instead of creating individual database code we pick centralized form which is portable and that will allow you to shift within minutes in case.And that centralized code is called PDO (PHP DATA OBJECTS). Which allows you to change your database anytime you want, by just changing its connection type.

PDO Provides Common interface to any number of database systems.It allows developers to create code which is portable across many databases and platforms. That’s reflects its highest performance and and power, And on top of everything its extremely easy to write. And this course is gonna teach you how? Whether you are new to PDO or planning to shift from your existing platform to PDO.

This Course will teach you all the bread & butter of PDO. As in PDO we have multiple ways to deal with CRUD operations. That’s why 1 single project can not express all the methods. So, we will work on individual concepts step by step so that you can implement PDO in your own application out there within minutes. 


What are the Advantages of Using PDO in PHP Application?

  • PDO is the Most in Demand Database Skill in Comprehensive way. It means that it allows a lot of functionalities along with many database support. As many developers are using it as a first priority that is why you will find a great support and code example according to easy and difficult scenarios out-there on the internet, blogs, groups etc.
  • Before PDO, After implementing many appropriate security measures on PHP Applications, they were still more open to hacks, whenever we have to take user data through Contact / Registration form or in any way of dealing with input fields, because databases put the input field directly into SQL that led to SQL Injection but with PDO we bind the input fields which made our  PHP Applications FREE of Hack and SQL Injection.
  • If you are planning to create some enterprise PHP application or some banking application, PDO has a great solution to create them. By using PDO Transactions, you can create more complex hierarchical application in most easiest and secure way and minimize all the haphazard within minutes.
  • For doing one type of task PDO offers many supported functions which you can use according to your own need and reduce the memory usage and can make PHP application up and running in timely manner.

Course Road Map

  • Functions
  • Error Handling
  • Prepared Statements
  • Transactions

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